China's current annual demand for plastic products in more than 25 million tons, which accounts for one-time 7.5 million tons of plastic products, which can not be regenerated contaminated or difficult to use the phone or collect waste poor economy accounts for the vast majority, if the 60% of the meter, the degradable plastics demand at 4.5 million tons. At present, the domestic market degradable plastics biodegradable low percentage, and the production of small, high prices. I produced the starch-based biodegradable plastic completely, in accordance with the design requirements of rapid degradation in the soil and the natural environment, non-toxic, pollution-free, odor-free, does not destroy the soil structure after degradation, truly "natural origin, but also in Nature ", starch-based biodegradable plastic as a new green materials, not only can solve the white pollution, but also to reduce dependence on oil, corn starch opened up new ways to add value and provide new rural industrial structure adjustment and development of agricultural economy opportunities.

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